Weeknotes #3

Made lanterns in the spirit of Mid Autumn Festival! #quarantineartsncraft

What did you experiment with?

  • Feedback session format
    As a project team, we had a 2hour feedback session rather than the usual Figma/Slack comments or whimsical ‘when there’s some free time in the diary’. I much prefer this verbal and interactive method, as much as it is a feedback/critique session it’s also an opportunity to bounce ideas and to quickly do mockups together. I personally think that if there’s a whole thread of comments addressing one thing and its iterations, then you’re better off having a quick call to avoid any confusion — given remote conditions.

What did you enjoy?

  • Attending Henry’s Life after Le Wagon talk
    Having completed General Assembly’s UXDI, it was interesting to hear different voices on the job hunting process — this time from a Dev perspective. The talk motivated me to want to do better in what I do. It’s a tough job market at the moment, and I have a job. I want people to recognise that I deserve my position; my work should be able to speak for itself.
  • Thais sharing her further investigation on Nir Eyal’s Hooked Model
    I’m forwarding to the continuation of this presentation, where she would lead a workshop on how to assess the business using the questions from Hooked Model.

What did you learn?

  • Stick to E2E for MVP
    As we have had increased engagement with the Product Team, interrogation on non-MVP features have also increased. Although these discussions have been really useful and assisted in understanding the scope of the product, it is important to focus on MVP and being able to push back on Product where it is necessary to park ideas until the next release.

What would you have liked to do more of?

  • Talk to people outside of my organisation
    A twist on the usual ‘Who did you talk to outside of your organisation’ question. Replying to messages is in the Priority Backlog!

What are you looking forward to next week? (from last week)

  • Learning how to launch a product and optimisation strategy — given project timeline changes, this has been rescheduled to happen this coming week!
  • Facilitating a remote design studio for LFIA

Kai is a digital product designer in the health space.

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Kai Yang

Kai Yang

Kai is a digital product designer in the health space.

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